Never Struggle


You will never know
when you'll need your

That's so true. Access your account
safely with web app and mobile apps,
online or offline. Share documents easy by
email, WhatsApp, inShare or
iMessage, any time and anywhere.

You need to organise your
documents easy

Upload by scanning on mobile, add from gallery, upload easy by
simple mail (AutoDox), tag locations of paper originals, easy,
anytime and anywhere.

You need one
intelligent tool,
not many

Scan or locate originals, add alerts,
have nominees or a ShareRoom or
Sign on the go, ALLDOX is One-Stop
and thinks for you.

You need security & privacy
for your vital documents

Bank like account access with 2 factor security,
AES 256 encryption with personal keys for every
user, CodeLocker for added privacy, ALLDOX has
enterprise level security processes to ensure that
you always have your 'Peace of Mind'!

Find and Share

Find documents fast. Share them easy by
email, WhatsApp, iMessage & inShare

Get Alerts

Get alerts on bills to pay them on time, to
renew a license or to pay a visit to your

Add Nominee

Documents are critical assets and they
need a back up plan to manage
when you can't.


Because you will need your documents
anytime, anywhere. Available on mobile.

Local Only

You can restrict your documents to your mobile device.
Nothing goes to the cloud server.

Code Locker

Add an extra level of privacy to your
folders with a personal security code.



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